LED Lighting Distributors

LED Lighting Distributors

Eureka LED lighting stands out from other LED lighting distributors as a premium provider of unmatched quality products for smart energy consumption in Australian businesses and residential areas. What makes Eureka different from other LED lighting distributors is the long-time experience meeting the demands and requirements of Australian businesses and residences. Products developed at Eureka Lighting are manufactured according to the highest standards of quality, integrity and innovation, making us the preferred LED lighting distributors in different areas of the country.

Another relevant aspect in which Eureka Lighting excels at is the remarkable customer service experience we provide to all customers regardless of their level of knowledge in the area, meaning architects, electricians and common customers will be walked through the whole purchase process and given recommendations before and after the installation process is completed. When looking for competent LED lighting distributors, the monitoring and previous evaluation are key parts of the process required for the elaboration and implementation of an effective energy consumption strategy. Here at Eureka Lighting we do not limit our efforts to neat and complete work as LED lighting distributors to different areas of the country, we also excel at installation process and assistance given whenever it is required.

Eureka Lighting commits to the task of finding the most suitable solution to satisfy your needs with the highest advanced technology that can be found in the market of LED lighting distributors. Among the relevant characteristics offered by our products as LED lighting distributors, it is possible to highlight: a guaranteed endurance of at least 50,000 hours of continue work, 3 to 5 years warranty in all products with the assistance of our team from customer service helping on any inquiry with no extra cost, and energy saving of at least 80% of the energy common lighting products consume.


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