Industrial LED Lighting Perth

Industrial LED Lighting Perth

Eureka LED Lighting delivers innovative and efficient products for Industrial LED lighting in Perth and all over Australia. Eureka is a proudly Australian owned and operated business fully committed to the task of providing companies with integral, premium quality industrial LED lighting in Perth. The plethora of benefits offered by our products and execution plans for industrial LED lighting in Perth can be summed up in three key concepts:

  • Technologically advanced products that provide avant-garde solutions for energy consumption problems. Smart utilisation of technological resources meaning remarkable immediate results in bills and general building lighting.
  • Completely free appraisals done in order to determine the most efficient plan for any specific line of business. Previous monitoring and evaluation of energy consumption in order to spot how a proper industrial LED lighting installation in Perth can serve to optimise results.
  • Optimal and first class customer service before and after the installation takes place and assures the maximum benefits offered by every product are experienced.

Eureka Lighting’s product catalogue for a top quality industrial LED lighting installation in Perth goes from 5 W small lamps to 20 W bigger street lights, all of them manufactured according to the most demanding standards of the industry. None of our products used for an industrial LED lighting installation contain mercury, assuring a safer and modern solution to lighting problems with reduced fire risks.

Among the benefits offered by our leading products for an industrial LED lighting installation it is possible to highlight an easy-to-install design with reduced environmental impact. All of Eureka’s products for industrial LED lighting have a warranty of 3 years at least and are designed to meet the requirements and specifications of Australian businesses, being this the reason why they are widely used by electricians and architects.

Eureka LED Lighting: top innovative products to streamline electric consumption.


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