Eureka Visiting the Philips HQ in the Netherlands

Shopping precincts are no longer boring places where you must go every Saturday: In and out as fast as you can. Instead they have become places for planned visites, A True destination. Retailers are working with sociologists, architects and designers to convey a single message: be inspired by the act of Shopping.

At Philips they have studied the effects different Led lighting applications have on people, being staff or customers. They have concluded, the right amount of light and the colour will influence the people’s mood and ability to function better or less.

In a retail environment the right lighting will encourage customers to browse that little bit longer. At recent trials in retail outlets in Germany and the Netherlands sales increased by as much as 7% in stores with the correct lighting.

Lighting should go beyond the functionality of light and add value to the whole shopping experience, which in turn will bring the customer back to the store.

Eureka Visiting the Philips HQ in the Netherlands