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Eureka at the HK Lighting Fair and Visiting Manufacturers in China

After the educational experience at Philips in the Netherlands I visited the HK Lighting fair and the manufacturers producing our products. The level of competitions between manufacturers to have their piece of the pie when it comes to sales is...

Eureka Visiting the Philips HQ in the Netherlands

Shopping precincts are no longer boring places where you must go every Saturday: In and out as fast as you can. Instead they have become places for planned visites, A True destination. Retailers are working with sociologists, architects and designers...

Builders Choice Feature

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Commercial Chain Stores

Dear Sir/Madam,  Much of our focus has been on commercial environments and in particular chain stores during the past 3 months, with great success. Typically owners and operators are keen to explore the significant savings to them by changing to LED lighting....

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My old fluoro tubes were replaced by LED panels quickly and easily. I saw an immediate reduction in my electricity bill and the shop looks brighter and newer. It’s almost like I’ve done a full shop refit. I have no hesitation in recommending Tino and his team. Everyone should, at least, have a chat to them.


We were approached by Eureka in September 2012. They were promoting their company and highlighted the cost to us of our existing Halogen globes. I knew how much of a pain it was constantly changing blown globes and the heat generated by them when they are on. But my interest increased when I realised that with the Eureka down light package I would be reducing my costs by 82% and eliminating maintenance. It was an easy decision in the end. Eureka organised the installation one Sunday morning and I was saving straight away. I’m thoroughly pleased with the lights and Eureka have already fitted out my other shop and I’ll get them to do my house soon as well.


In discussions with Eureka about the lighting in my newsagency, I became aware of the new LED panel lights as an option to replace the tired and outdated Fluoro buckets with brittle diffusers I had in place. I had wanted to improve the look of the lighting for some time so it was fortuitous that Eureka came to see me. Ι was impressed with the product and the service. They organised an electrician to complete all the work and I paid him directly so there was no commission to Eureka for that. They make their profits out of the supply only and that is below wholesale, so I was very pleased with the outcome.

YEN CHIA Broadway Fair Pharmacy

We are pleased to have Eureka install the led lights in the shop for quality and peace of mind . It’s been 2 years since install and Tino just came out last week to check our panels after I put a call through to him . None were faulty – only unplugged from a recent Reno we did ! We did not get any call out charges . Good to know the warranty wasn’t mere words but backed up with action and service.

I would recommend Eureka LED Lighting to others.


Thanks. for a great job. Without a doubt this has had the biggest impact on the appearance of the store and is a must for any new refit. When you walk down the mall or high street and look into stores, they all appear dark and uninviting in comparison… Our premises stands out like a welcoming beacon. it really gives the right vibe for a quality healthcare destination.