Commercial Chain Stores

Dear Sir/Madam,

Much of our focus has been on commercial environments and in particular chain stores during the past 3 months, with great success.

Typically owners and operators are keen to explore the significant savings to them by changing to LED lighting.

The issues of course are: who do you trust? are the products reliable? are they easy to install? are there suitable warranties? how much is it going to cost and when will I get that investmentback?

At Eureka, we offer a service that no other lighting supplier or electrician offers.
We DESIGN, PRODUCE and SOURCE the best available LED products for the Australian market.
We test every product we sell, to ensure it is fit for purpose, is better than the competition and is priced below wholesale. If we can’t add value then we stay away from the product range.

Our clients are happy clients that refer us to their friends and colleagues, often trying us out in one of their stores before rolling it out across the group.

No other lighting supplier will come out and provide you with an obligation free assessment of your specific needs and leave you with an easy to understand quotation and appraisal of your lights. We can even arrange installation with an approved electrician.

For our larger commercial customers, we can arrange for monitoring of your existing consumption and provide you with a one stop shop for the replacement of all your lights and effective disposal. You’ll know exactly what you are using now in terms of electricity and what you’ll be using after the switch.

We are happy to talk to our customers about financing arrangements, to ease the upfront cost of change.

Do give us a call; you have got nothing to lose only THOUSANDS of dollar$ to save.

Many thanks for your time.