CASE STUDIES Terry White Chemmart Bassendean

Terry White Chemmart Bassendean

Terry White Chemmart Bassendean
Lux readings in the store between 150-370 with a number of light fittings not operational. Light colour approximately 3500K (quite yellow). Light fixture layout good in grid ceiling.

Current Lights:

  • 33x 1200mm twin fluorescent troffers,
  • 13x 140mm halogen downlights and
  • 9x 210mm directional halogen downlights.
  • Operating hours 68 p.w.

Total energy consumption including maintenance cost p.a. $6128

All lights were replaced by the equivalent led version:

  • 33x 1200x300 led panel lights, 40W, 4400 lumen, 6000K
  • 13x 140mm led dowmlight , 20W, 2500 lumen, 6000K
  • 9x 210mm led directional downlight, 30W, 3300 lumen, 6000K

Total energy consumption $2250 p.a. of led equivalent

Annual savings $3878.00
ROI 15 months.


Payment options were offered and an extra 5% discount was applied for final payment immediately after installation. Andrew was very happy with the final result, shop is much brighter, no more maintenance, less heat generated by lights and a good ROI. He ordered lights for his other shop straight away.