Melia Borg
Eureka approached Melia Borg the owner of Sun Kissed Jewellery in Hilary’s Boat Harbour in 2012. The shop lights were very important to the visual appeal of the jewellery on display and the issues facing the owner at the time were; cost of electricity bills, the constant maintenance requirement. The extreme temperatures in the shop and the effects on the air conditioning. Finally the discolouration of the jewellery; The silver appeared almost gold as the halogen lights deteriorated over time.

We suggested our natural white MR16 7W replacement globes. These globes come with a 5 year warranty, operate at 60 degrees instead of over 300 degrees. The colour of light is not tainted; it is a natural white which allows the jewellery to project its real beauty. The globes will last up to 15 times longer than the halogens they replaced and only consume 7w instead of 50+

Cost Analysis:

  • 143 x MR16 halogen globes 50 Watts
  • Hours of use 80 hours/ wk
  • Rate of charge per kwh 0.28
  • Cost of electricity Halogen = 143 x50W x 80hrs x 52wks x 0.28 = $8,328.32
  • Existing maintenance cost circa 25% of elec bill = $2,082.08
  • Total cost existing Halogen lights = $10,410.40 PA running cost
  • Total cost of electricity Eureka MR16 7W LED = $1,165.97
  • Total Electricity saving per year = $7,162.35 PA
  • Cost of supply and installation = $5,147.00


The annual saving to Melia and Sunkissed is more than $7K PA. The jewellery looks as it now should, untarnished. The heat in the shop has reduced dramatically and the air con has breathed a sigh of relief. There is no ongoing maintenance issue and all in all the exercise has proven to be very beneficial.