CASE STUDIES Razor Business Solutions (Offices)

Razor Business Solutions (Offices)

Razor Business Solutions (Offices)
Lux readings around 350 and slowly deteriorating. Staff constantly replacing tubes. Number of light fittings can be reduced.

Current Lights:

  • 92x 1200mm twin fluorescent troffer with magnetic ballast
  • 10x 600mm twin fluorescent troffers with magnetic ballast
  • 32x 55W, halogen globes
  • 6x 1200mm fluorescent tubes
  • 4x 600mm fluorescent tubes
  • 11x 210mm , twin CFL, round downlights
  • Operating hours 55 p.w.

Total energy consumption including maintenance $10,873 p.a

To many light fixtures presently, some light fittings obsolete and not replaced due to the brighter led lights:

  • 81x 1200x300 led panels, 40W, 4400 lumen,6000K
  • 3x 600x600 led panels, 40W, 4400 lumen,6000K
  • 34x 3 in 1, 90mm, 10W, led downlight, set to 6000K
  • 10x 1200mm, led tube, 18W, 6000K
  • 11x 210mm, 30W, led downlight, 6000K

Total energy consumption $3578.00 p.a.

Annual savings $7294.00
ROI 19 months