CASE STUDIES Ocean Gardens Retirement Village

Ocean Gardens Retirement Village

Ocean Gardens Retirement Village
Steve - Stevlec Electrical
Stevlec the resident electrician for the City of Cambridge, approached us to look at a street light solution for the City Beach Retirement village.The lights currently in use are 80W lamps on 6M poles spread sporadically around the retirement village, with limited results in terms of satisfactory lighting for the retiree’s who navigate by them at night. We consulted a number of our suppliers, considered the environment and the requirement for improved light. We decided on a 30W LED street lamp in cool white with a greater spread. Our LED solution significantly increased the light, reduced the maintenance and of course the energy consumption of the village.

Cost Analysis:

  • 19 x Street lamps 80W
  • Hours of use 14hrs/day
  • Rate of charge 0.28 kwh
  • Cost of existing electricity 19 x 80 x 14 x 7 x 52 x 0.28 = $2,168.86
  • Cost of maintenance circa 15% E/bill = $325.33
  • Total running cost = $2,494.19 PA
  • Total cost of electricity Eureka LED = $813.32 PA
  • Total saving = $1,680.87 PA
  • Cost of supply and installation = $4,990.00


The Eureka LED street lamps have a life expectancy of over 12 years and are virtually maintenance free. The pay back is less than 3 years and thereafter the retirement village will save at least $1680 PA and over the life of the product circa $15000. Lights have been in for 5 years with no problems.