The owner was aware of the new LED technology and its long lasting and energy reducing benefits. We approached him in early 2013 and conducted a review of his existing lighting. His shop had 21 twin fluorescent light fittings with opaque diffusers. There were an additional 20 rectangular shop lights with focussed lighting on perimeter shelving and displays. His lights were in use 7 days per week with reduced hours on Sunday. There were a number of options, which included a straight replacement of his fluoro tubes with Eureka’s LED T8’s, but he was so impressed with our 12mm thick LED panel lights that are designed to sit in the existing frames of the old light fittings, that he opted for the more expensive panels.

Cost Analysis:

  • 21 x Twin Fluoro @ 72Watts
  • 20 x shop lights @150W
  • Hours of use 80 hours/ wk
  • Rate of charge per kwh 0.28
  • Cost of electricity Fluoro = 21 x 72W x 80hrs x 52wks x 0.28 = $1,761.18
  • Cost of electricity shop lights = 20 x 150W x 80hrs x 52wks x 0.28 = $3,494.40
  • Cost of Electricity existing lights = $5,256.58
  • Existing maintenance cost circa 25% of elec bill = $1,155.79
  • Total cost of existing = $6,412.37 PA
  • Total cost of electricity Eureka LED = $1174.12 + $745.47 = $1,919.59
  • Cost of supply and installation = $5,969.00


The pay back is less than a year and a half and the ongoing saving for the life of the product (circa 10 years) is $44,927.00. Not a bad saving when you do the figures!

The new panel lighting uplifted the tired looking existing lighting and modernised the internal fit out. It improved the lighting by upwards of 30% and significantly reduced his energy consumption and maintenance costs.