The new Jean Claude Bakery is based in West Leederville on the doorstep of Perth City. Baking operations and prepartions continue at the original site in Subiaco whilst the final construction phase is being completed. Eureka was invited to carry out an appraisal of the proposed new lighting in the Bakery after upgrading the owners lighting in their boardroom.

Jean Claude and Erna were a little surprised that the builder and electrical contractor had not brought their attention to the latest LED technology and the long term benefits. We were happy to oblige and put forward the following proposal.

The extensive use of surface mounted twin fluoro lights throughout the bakery made the new area look cluncky and didn’t create the modern contemporary feel the owners were after in this state of the art environment. The lights were also not environmentally friendly, were going to cause an ongoing maintenance issue and as we now know are not particularly good for the health of the people working under them.

We suggested our LED panel with a flush mounting kit to enable the lights to become part of the ceiling. The maintenance would reduce to virtually zero for the duration of the life of the product, more than ten years in this case. The light will increase as our 48W units are 1.5 x brighter than the twin fluoro’s and of course the energy will consumption reduce saving the owners money.

Cost Analysis:

  • 82 x Twin Fluoro @ 72Watts
  • Hours of use 84 hours/ wk
  • Rate of charge per kwh 0.28
  • Cost of electricity Fluoro = 82 x 72W x 84hrs x 52wks x 0.28 = $7,220.83
  • Existing maintenance cost circa 25% of elec bill = $1877.42
  • Total cost existing Fluoro lights = $9,098.25 PA
  • Total cost of electricity Eureka LED = $4,813.89
  • Total Electricity saving per year = $4,284.36 PA
  • Cost of supply and installation = $19,842.00


The pay back period is approximately 4 years with an annual saving of electricity of $4284. The accumulated saving over life of the product is circa over $40k. The sleek contemporary look, benefits to the environment and the people who will work in this state of the art work place and of course the long term savings and benefits of less maintenance are immeasurable.