CASE STUDIES Amcal Chemist Floreat

Amcal Chemist Floreat

Amcal Chemist Floreat
Toby and Alec
Lux readings very low throughout the store varying between 250 and 400 . Light fixtures in right places to warrant a one for one replacement. Colour approximately 4000K

Current Lights:

  • 23x 1200mm twin fluorescent troffers
  • 16x wall washers
  • 17x 210mm, twin CFL’s downlights
  • 6x 1200mm fluorescent tubes
  • Operating hours 63 p.w.

Total energy consumption including maintenance cost, $6759.00 p.a.

All lights were replaced one for one with their equivalent in led version:

  • 23x 1200x300 led panels, 40W, 4400 lumen,6000K
  • 16x 35W, led wall-washers, 3800 lumen, 6000K
  • 17x 210mm led downlight, 30W, 3300 lumen, 6000K
  • 6x 1200mm led tube, 18W, 1800 lumen, 6000K

Total energy consumption $2217 p.a.

Annual savings $4542.00
ROI 19 months


Lux readings have increased by 25%. Clients are asking staff if they have done a shop fitout!